Good Termite Inspection Services Have Gone Organic

termite inspection services

Across the board, slowly but surely, people from all walks of life are discovering just how much more effective green technologies are than all the conventional but damaging technologies we have been using all these years. Far better results are possible. And in the process, the environment is being given a chance to breathe again. And live again, just like nature intended. Across the world, all servicing sectors have responded positively.

One very important servicing division has had its hands full over the years. Pest control has always had its challenges. Just as soon as one poisonous solution had been laid down, the insects quickly built a resistance to it. This has been the case with fighting termite infestations. But that has all changed now. Today’s good termite inspection services have gone green in a big way. It’s big because the solutions they are implementing to clean out homes and businesses are nothing short of revolutionary.

It is a case of who would have thought when yet another natural wonder is discovered after all these years. While man-made technologies failed to have any effect on the bugs, this formidable but natural foe had been there all along, for hundreds of years, in fact. The solution being used is known as chlorantraniliprole. It is derived from the bark of a plant that can only be sourced from the South American continent.

Once this solution is applied to the home or business premises, it takes at least three months for its poisonous effects to be felt among termite colonies. But in the process, this natural poison does no harm to humans, animals or even plants. But it does kill the termites, even destroying advancing colonies. Once those three months have expired, premises can be kept clean of termites for years thereafter.

Termites will come into contact with the solution because it cannot smell or taste it. The solution has no smell. Termites walk through it, they eat it and they carry it to other termites. Within hours of being paralyzed from coming into contact with the solution they all die. Mouths of termites exposed to the solution are paralyzed. This means that the termites are no longer able to feed. They are all in a lethargic state and no longer able to fend for themselves.

While the solution remains on a property, termites never return.

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